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Superman Drink Recipe
 1/3 oz  Everclear 151 Grain Alcohol
 1/3 oz  Hennessy Cognac
 1/3 oz  Hpnotiq

mix this in a glass and enjoy over ice. I will knock you on your ass...

Incredible Hulk Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Hennessy Cognac
 1/2 oz  Hpnotiq

Simply pour 1/2 oz. of Hypnotiq into a shot glass or any other small glass. Then add 1/2 oz. of Henn...

Creep Drink Recipe
 25 oz  Alize Blue
 25 oz  Hennessy Cognac XO

Mix all the ingredients into a gallon milk container shake well. Serve cold.This drink will make you...

Incredible Hulk Drink Recipe
 2/3 oz  Hennessy Cognac
 2/3 oz  Hpnotiq

Shake well and pour into glass...

Abomination Drink Recipe
 1 shot  Hpnotiq
 1 shot  Absinthe
 1 shot  Mint Schnapps
 1 shot  Hennessy Cognac
 2 shot  Melon Liqueur

pour all shot into mixer and shake with five or six ice cubes and serve chilled as shots...