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African Breeze Drink Recipe
 25 ml  Cointreau
 50 ml  Cream Liqueur

Cover rim of glass with brown sugar. Fill glass with crushed ice. Pour cointreau over ice, followed ...

Soviet Holiday Drink Recipe
 1/4 oz  Cream Liqueur
 2 oz  Vodka
  Fruit Punch
 1/2 oz  Coconut Rum

Pour vodka, baja rosa and Malibu into a whiskey sour glass. Stir, top with fruit punch, and serve....

Multiple Orgasm Cajun Style Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz  Amaretto
 1 oz  Cream Liqueur
 1 oz  Creme de Cacao
 2 oz  Dark Rum

Add all ingredients to a blender with ice and blend until smooth. Serve in a hurricane glass....

Rhino Drink Recipe
 2 cl  Coffee Liqueur
 2 cl  Cointreau
 2 cl  Cream Liqueur

Layer ingredients, in order, into a shot glass. Ignite, burn for a few seconds, and extinguish. Serv...

Elephant Shake Drink Recipe
 1 cup  Milk
 2 shots  Cream Liqueur
 4 scoops  Vanilla Ice Cream

Blend on high until smooth. Pour into a tall glass....

Springbok Drink Recipe
 1 dash  Cream
 3/4 oz  Creme de Menthe
 1/4 oz  Cream Liqueur

Layer the amarula gently onto the creme de menthe and then add a thin layer of cream....

Bushman's Balls Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Banana Liqueur
 2 drops  Chocolate Liqueur
 1/2 oz  Cream Liqueur

Pour the banana liqueur into a shot glass. Layer the Cape Velvet cream liqueur on top. Add two drops...

Banana Sandwich Drink Recipe
 1/12 oz  Cream Liqueur
 1/4 oz  Creme de Bananes
 1/2 oz  Coffee Liqueur

Shake well and serve in a cocktail glass....

A Very Berry Surprise Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Black Haus
 3 cubes  Ice
 2 oz  Cream Liqueur
 1/2 oz  Blackberry Schnapps
 1 oz  Black Cherry Ice Cream
 1 oz  Raspberry Schnapps

Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a blender to make a smoothie. Serve in a classic margarita glass. ...

South African Smoothie Drink Recipe
  Chocolate Ice Cream
 1 1/2 oz  Cream Liqueur
 1  Banana

Blend all ingredients in a blender on high power until smooth. Pour into a collins glass, garnish wi...