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414SS Daiquiri Drink Recipe
 1 package  Daiquiri Mix
 12 oz  151 Proof Rum
 8 oz  Light Rum

Add daiquiri mix and the required amount of ice stated on the packet to a blender. Add the Bacardi l...

Granny Apple Blossom Drink Recipe
 Fill With 7 Up
 1/2 cubes  Ice
 1 1/2 oz  Apple Schnapps
 1/4 oz  Daiquiri Mix
 1 1/2 oz  Tequila

Mix apple schnapps, gold tequila and daiquiri mix in a collins glass filled with ice. Fill to the to...

Titty Twister Rita Drink Recipe
 1 part  Lime Juice
 3 parts  Vodka
 3 parts  Tropicana
 1 part  Sweet and Sour Mix
 4 cups Crushed Ice
 3 parts  Daiquiri Mix

Pour the ingredients into a blender over crushed ice. Blend until you see the top of the mix stop mo...

Miami Vice Drink Recipe
 1 package  Pina Colada Mix
 1 package  Daiquiri Mix
 5 oz  Vodka

1. Mix pina colada with 2.5 oz. of rum w/ ice. Set aside. Mix daiquiri with 2.5 oz. of rum w/ ice. W...