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Flaming Kevin Drink Recipe
 20 oz  Diet Pepsi Cola
 1 oz  Everclear

Just mix and stir....

Black Dew Drink Recipe
 1/4 glass Cold Diet Pepsi Cola
 1/12 glass Top With Ice
 1/2 glass ice cold Mountain Dew

Pour in a half glass of Mountain Dew, followed by a third of a glass of Pepsi (Diet will do.)

Skin and Bones Drink Recipe
 3 oz  Spiced Rum
 1/2 oz  Lime Juice
 7 oz  Diet Coke

Pour rum into an old-fashioned glass, and add coke (in the same fashion as a rum and coke). Add a sq...

7 Nut Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Coconut Rum
 8 oz  Diet 7 Up

Pour coconut rum and 7-up into a highball glass. Add ice to suit, and serve....