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The Original Drunken Superman Drink Recipe
 2 oz Tequila
 2 oz Margarita Mix
 1 1/2 oz Top With Rum
 1 oz Lime Juice
 1 1/2 oz Triple Sec

Combine all ingredients except 151 rum in a cocktail shaker and shake briskly. Pour over ice in a ma...

Tennessee Margarita Drink Recipe
 Fill to Top Margarita Mix
 1/2 oz  Grand Marnier
 1 oz  Bourbon

Pour ingredients into a large rocks glass filled with ice. Squeeze in a lime wedge, and serve....

Mount 'N Rita Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Triple Sec
 1 splash  Margarita Mix
 1 oz  Lime Juice
 1 1/2 oz  Rum

Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning is the Rum used for this drink. Also, Prichard's Sweet Lucy can ...

Blue Mystery Madness Drink Recipe
 shot Triple Sec
 shot Raspberry Vodka
 shot Blue Curacao
 oz Fill to Top Margarita Mix

Mix all to your liking...

Texas Pink Cloud Drink Recipe
 3 oz  White Rum
 1 oz  Margarita Mix
 2 oz  Sweet and Sour Mix
 4 cups  Ice
 3 oz  Pina Colada Mix
 1/2 oz  Grenadine
 1 oz  Tequila
 2 oz  Vodka

Pour all ingredients into a blender, add 3 - 4 cups of ice and blend until all ice is chopped fine. ...

Jagerita Drink Recipe
 1/4 liter chilled Jagermeister
 1 1/2 splashes Margarita Mix
 2 cans chilled Red Bull

fill blender 1/2 full of ice cubes, pour jagermeister over ice followed by 2 cans of Red Bull...blen...

Carmine Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Campari Bitters
 1/2 oz  Margarita Mix

Pour Campari into a shot glass until half-full. Fill to the top with margarita mix, and serve....

Lemon Drop Martini Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Vodka
 2 oz  Margarita Mix
 1 oz  Triple Sec
 1 tsp  Sugar
 1 tbsp  Lemon Juice

Place the sugar and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Swirl the shaker around so that both ingredien...

Grand Gold Margarita Drink Recipe
 1 bottle  Beer
  Margarita Mix
 2 cubes  Ice
 6 oz  Jose Cuervo 1800
 3 oz  Cointreau
 3 oz  Grand Marnier

Pour the the margarita mix, tequila, cointreau, grand marnier, and beer into a blender....

Sangria Margarita Drink Recipe
 5 oz  Sangria
 8 oz  Tequila
 3 oz  Triple Sec
 12 oz  Margarita Mix
 2 oz  Lime Juice

Pour the tequila, margarita mix, lime juice and triple sec into an average sized blender filled with...