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Jesus is Here Drink Recipe
 20 cl  Schweppes Russian
 19 cl  Vodka

Pour the vodka and then the russian. Stir gently. Drink....

A Midsummernight's Dream Drink Recipe
 1 tsp  Strawberry Liqueur
 1 oz  Kirschwasser
 oz  Schweppes Russian
 2 oz  Vodka
 5 oz  Strawberries

Mix the strawberries in a blender and pour over ice in a shaker. Add the vodka, kirsch and strawberr...

Charlie Shaker Drink Recipe
 2 cl  Charleston Follies
 1 cl  Lime Juice
 2 cl  Aquavit
 3 cl  Schweppes Indian Tonic Water

Add aquavit and Charleston Follies and stir it with ice. Add lime and tonic water. Fresh up with sli...

Lysekil's Groggen Drink Recipe
 8 cl  Vodka
 10 cl  Orange Juice
 12 cl  Schweppes Russian

Add vodka, then orange juice and stir. Fill with schweppes russian and ice cubes....

Wobbler Drink Recipe
 4 cl  Current Vodka
  Grape Juice
 1/4 tsp  Grenadine
  Schweppes Russian

Pour vodka into a glass one-quarter filled with ice. Fill until two-thirds full with grape juice, an...

Gin Balalajka Drink Recipe
 4 cl  Gin
 Fill to Top Schweppes Russian
 4 cl  Orange Juice

Mix the gin and juice and fill up with schweppes russian. The gin and juice may be shaken for better...

Long Vodka Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Lime
 5 cl  Vodka
 4 dashes  Angostura Bitters
 4 cubes  Ice
 1 dl  Schweppes Tonic Water

Shake a tall glass with ice cubes and angostura, coating the inside of the glass. Pour on the vodka,...

Russian Comfort Drink Recipe
  Schweppes Russian
 4 cl  Southern Comfort
 1 splash  Lime Juice

Pour southern comfort in an old-fashioned glass with ice, and fill with schweppes. Add a splash of l...

Robyn Drink Recipe
  Fruit Soda
  Schweppes Russian
 6 cl  Vodka
 1 drop  Lime Juice

Pour vodka into a highball glass. Add schweppes until half-filled, and fill with fruit soda. Top wit...

Vodka Russian Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Vodka
  Schweppes Russian

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice cubes and serve....