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South Side Drink Recipe
 4 oz  Ice
 2 oz  Vodka
 2 oz  Soda Water
 1/2 oz  Triple Sec
 2 oz  Lime Juice
 Leaves Mint

Add all ingredients to blender including one mint leaf as it will be blended up and leave little spe...

Picon Punch Drink Recipe
  Soda Water
 1/2 oz  Grenadine
 1/2 oz fresh Lemon Juice
 2 oz  Amer Picon

Shake the amer picon, lemon juice and grenadine well with ice and strain into a highball glass fille...

Gin Lollipop Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Gin
 5 oz  Orange Juice
 1 oz  Southern Comfort
 1 oz  Soda Water

Shake all ingredients (except water) and strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Add water, garnish...

Bourbon and Branch Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Bourbon
 4 oz  Soda Water

Pour the bourbon and water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes....

Tod's Cooler Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Gin
 2/3 oz  Creme de Cassis
 2/3 oz  Lemon Juice
 4 oz  Soda Water

Pour into an ice-filled collins glass. Add a spiral of lemon peel, and serve....

May Blossum Fizz Drink Recipe
  Soda Water
 Juice of 1/2 Lemon
 1 tsp  Grenadine
 2 oz  Swedish Punsch

Shake all ingredients (except carbonated water) with ice and strain into a highball glass over two i...

Donkey Semmen Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Sweet and Sour Mix
 2 oz  Soda Water
 1 1/2 oz  Coconut Rum

Put 4 ice cubes in shaker. Add ingredients. shake well and serve in a margarita glass. Garnish with ...

Gin Cooler Drink Recipe
  Soda Water
 1  Orange spiral
 2 oz  Gin
 1/2 tsp  Powdered Sugar
 1 twist  Lemon Peel

Stir powdered sugar and 2 oz. carbonated water in a collins glass. Fill glass with ice and add gin. ...

Orange Fizz Drink Recipe
 1 1/2 tsp  Simple Syrup
 2 dashes  Orange Bitters
 5 oz  Soda Water
 2 oz  Gin
 2 tsp  Triple Sec
 2 tbsp  Lemon Juice
 1 splash  Orange Juice

Add the gin, lemon juice, triple sec, simple syrup and orange bitters to a cocktail shaker half-fill...

Egg Cream Drink Recipe
 2 tbsp  Chocolate Syrup
 6 oz  Milk
 6 oz  Soda Water

Mix syrup and milk in a tall glass. Add soda water, and serve with a straw....