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toxic waster Drink Recipe
 16 shots  Blavod Black Vodka
 10 shots  Smirnoff Vodka
 1/2 L  Romana Black
 10 shots  Apricot Schnapps
 16 shots  Blue Curacao
 1 L  Romana Sambuca
 1/2 L  Grenadine
 10 shots  Passion fruit Liqueur
 1/4 can  Strongbow Cider
 10 shots  Jack Daniels Whiskey

mix all in a big glass bottle seal and shake to mix allow to age for 6 months in a cold dark place...

Fire in the Disco Drink Recipe
 10 ml  Cinnamon Schnapps
 15 ml  Apricot Schnapps
 1 splash  Egg
 10 ml  Vodka
 10 ml  Peach Schnapps
 15 ml  Strawberry Schnapps

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously. Ensure the red curry paste is th...