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Lager and Black Drink Recipe
 chilled Lager
 1 1/2 oz  Blackcurrant Syrup

Pour Ribena blackcurrant syrup or similar into a beer pilsner or beer mug. Add lager (well chilled),...

Snake Bite Black GTI Drink Recipe
 6 oz  Cider
 6 oz  Lager
 2 oz  Vodka
 1 oz  Black Currant Juice

Pour vodka into a pint glass. Add both cider and lager, and fill with blackcurrant squash. Stir brie...

Snakebite And Black Drink Recipe
 1/2 pint  Cider
 1 dash  Black Currant Juice
 1/2 pint  Lager

Put blackcurrant squash in first up to about 1cm in glass. Then add the lager and cider one after an...

Badass Drink Recipe
 6 oz Hard Cider
 6 oz Lager

Use Ace Pear for the cider fraction. You can substitute something sweeter such as hornsby's crisp ap...

Turbo Shandy Drink Recipe
 1/2 pint  Lager
 1/2 pint  Smirnoff Ice

Pour half a pint of a strong lager (ie. Stella Artois) into a pint glass. Fill with Smirnoff Ice, an...

Snake Venom Drink Recipe
 1/2 pint  Cider
 1/2 pint  Lager
 1 shot  Pernod

Pour the ingredients in a tall pint glass and let it swim....

Melon Roy Drink Recipe
 1 bottle  Lager
 1 oz  Melon Liqueur

Add Midori melon liqueur to a regular bottle or can of premium lager poured into a pint glass. Stir,...

Red Eye a la Cocktail Drink Recipe
 6 oz  Tomato Juice

Pour refrigerated tomato juice into a large frosted mug. Over tomato juice, pour cold beer. Do not s...

Memachau Drink Recipe
 3/4 shot  Coffee Liqueur
 1 pint  Lager

Pour the lager into a beer mug or pint glass. Add kahlua and stir....

Snake Bite Black Drink Recipe
 1/2 pint  Cider
 2 splashes  Black Currant Cordial
 1/2 pint  Lager

Pour 1/2 pint Lager, and 1/2 pint Cider into a Pilsner glass, then add Black Currant until drink is ...