3 man variation Drinking Game

if you roll an 11 the person to your right drinks
if a person rolls the dice off the table then they are automatic 3 man.
if a person rolls a 1 and a 2, they are the new 3 man.
if a person rolls snake eyes, they are the shit man. this sucks because the shit man drinks every time anyone else drinks. you can also make the shit man drink everytime the dice get passed.
3 man drinks every time a 3 is rolled.
if you roll doubles, give one person the number of drinks on the die and another person the dice to roll to see how much they drink.
if they roll the same number that you did, you roll. if you get the same number then they roll until someone stops getting the same number. first to mess up has to drink the number on the die time the number of passes of the die.
it sucks to be shit man and 3 man because you have to drink double every time. if you have a soul make a rule that says you can't be shit man or three man. after a 3 is rolled there will be a 3 man the rest of the game.
you keep rolling until you don't make anyone drink. at that time the dice pass to the left.

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