Aces Faces @ Drinking Game

This game will get you fucked up and its best played when you have both guys and girls

one person is the dealer each person takes one card at a time.

When a person draws the card he shows it and each card has some meaning
2-10 (no matter the suite) means that you have to chug for that amount of seconds counted by the dealer who can go as fast or slow as they want. Ex: you draw a 4 the dealer counts four seconds out why you chug.

Jack is a truth card. the dealer or rest of players get to ask you a question and you have to answer truthfully.

Queen is a Dare card. The dealer or rest of players get to dare you to do something.

King is a the Waterfall. Starting with the dealer everyone chugs until the person on the right stops

Ace is the strip card. For this everyone not just the person who draws it takes off something. the fist two drawn means one piece of clothing. the third means two peices the fourth means the dealer decides what you take off

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