Alcoholic Outburst Drinking Game

Just follow the rules of Outburst to start. Best played with 2 teams of 2. There are 10 answers per card. However many one team gets right the other team drinks (in chugs or sips). And whatever you miss you drink.

Example: If your team gets 7 out of 10 correct, the other team drinks 7 and you drink the remaining 3. If you get all 10 right, you get to pull a number card that comes with the game, and that is added on to the drinks the opponent takes. The number cards go from 1-10, making a total of 20 possible. All topics are chosen at random by opposing team. You get 5 passes for the whole game if you don't like the category. Use them wisely. The first team to reach 50 gets to watch their opponents drink the difference in the scores.

Play about 5 rounds and see how ya feel. 4 of us killed 2 cases in about an hour and a half.lts. College students love beer.

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