Anchor Man Drinking Game

Two teams sit on opposite sides of a table and try to get a quarter into a full pitcher of beer. To start the game flip a coin, and have a team call heads or tails in the air. If correct that team starts.

Each team member shoots a quarter, trying to make it land in the pitcher. Each player only shoots once per turn even if they are successful in putting the quarter in the pitcher. Once everyone on the team shoots, the other team now shoots in order. The first team to put all 4 of their quarters in the pitcher is the winner. This means the losing team has to drink the contents of the pitcher (usually 4-5 beers depending on the size of the pitcher). But before they drink, the winning team has to pick someone to be the "Anchorman".

The anchorman must drink last and finish the remaining beer, whether it is just a sip or the whole pitcher. Teammates of the anchorman must drink first and decide how much they leave for the anchorman. While drinking, the teammates cannot take their lips off of the pitcher. If they do, they must pass the pitcher to the next person. The anchorman can take his lips off of the pitcher but has a 2 minute time limit to finish the pitcher. Once he finishes the pitcher, fill it up again and play the game once more.

When we play this game we usually have a wide variety of beer that gets poured into the pitcher to make it even nastier. Our rivalries get so intense sometimes that we actually "let the anchorman go dry". We have had situations where our heavier drinkers have finished a full pitcher of beer alone, but that was back in the college days. On a scale of 1-10 on the heavy drinking meter I would rate Anchorman a 10. It was not unusual to play this game and finish 15-20 pitchers in a night.

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