Aqua Teen Hunger Force Drinking Game Drinking Game

Level 1 - One drink

* Explosion/Fire
* Meatwad grows some arm or leg looking thing
* Carl's hands not on hips
* Someone is in Carl's pool
* Narrator speaks
* Someone is watching TV
* Something of Carl's is broken/stolen
* Frylock uses eye beams or Shake uses his powers
* Carl gets hurt

Level 2 - 2 Drinks

* Episode involving aliens
* Meatwad morphs into something (i.e. igloo, bridge, hotdog.)
* Meatwad's dolls are in the scene
* Someone has a weapon
* There's a human other than Carl
* Shake threatens Meatwad
* Shake breaks something
* Shake hurts Meatwad

Level 3 - 3 Drinks

* Frylock's jewel or braces are seen
* A band/musician is mentioned
* Someone uses the word "laser"* Danger Cart is seen
* Someone other than Frylock uses his lab
* A mooninite flips someone off
* A mooninite breaks something
* Carl is not in his traditional wife beater, sweatpants and flip flops

Drink a lot

* Frylock has no mustache
* Weed reference
* Movie reference

The expert version of this game require that you double the number of drinks on all levels. Doubling "Drink a lot" means drink a shit ton.

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