Asshole Drinking Game Drinking Game

. Positions: President, vice president, secretary, vice secretary, vice asshole, asshole (more positions can be made up if needed). The rank above is in order of power. The president can make anyone drink; the vice president can make everyone below him drink etc.
. All cards are dealt face down out by the asshole (starting with himself and then in the direction ascending in rank. This makes a difference with 5+ people because the president should end up with the least cards.)
. While dealing asshole has supreme power to make anyone drink (which ends as soon as last card is dealt out)
. President receives 2 best cards from the asshole (and gives 2 worst cards to the asshole)
. Vice President receives best 1 card from vice asshole (and gives worst card to vice asshole)
. If either vice asshole or asshole fail to give their best card(s), results in automatic asshole status for next round
. President lays the first card and playing order goes by rank
. Cards are played in ascending order with 3 as the lowest card
. It must be decided by the members playing whether or not doubles or triples must be played separately. For example if double can be played on singles or if triples can be played on singles or doubles (i.e. if you can play two 5's on one Ace). The game can be played either way, but is simplest when doubles can be played on singles etc.
. 2's clear the pile but can only be played on top of another card (you can not clear nothing) and can not be played as last card
. If two of the same card are played on top of each other, then the next player is skipped and must drink (i.e. if player 2 plays a Jack, and then player 3 plays another Jack, then player 4 is skipped)
. If at any point a player plays a card (or pair or triples) and another player has the 4th card, then that player can play out of turn and lay the 4th card down thus clearing the pile and receiving the honor to lay the next card. All four cards must be played on top of each other. (i.e. three 6's have been played by players 1, 2 and 4 (since player 3 was skipped), player 6 can play his 6 skipping player 5 and clearing the pile. However, if player 5 plays his card before player 6 can play the 6, then player 6 is SOL). After the 4th card is played, there is a social where everyone raises their beer and drinks, then the game continues with the person who laid the 4th card.
. If during the game anyone other than the asshole clears the pile, that person is automatic asshole for the next round. If the asshole is slow in doing the job, yell at him and make him drink more beer.
. Once a person has been president for three consecutive rounds, that person can make a rule which can consist of anything.

Objective: Be the first person to go out (play all of your cards). Also, be mean. Make people drink. The name of the game is asshole. So if you are not actually the asshole, at least act like one. The point is to get drunk. Nobody likes a nice president.

How the game is played:
First Hand:
After all the cards have been dealt out, the person with the 3 of clubs starts the hand. Continue in clockwise direction. During this hand there are no positions so it does not matter who clears the pile. Furthermore, no one can make another person drink (unless they have been skipped). The first person to go out is president for the next round. The game continues to be played until there is only one person left-the asshole. At this point people should move and sit in order of rank. The president chooses where he wants to sit, and then everyone must move to accommodate him.

Every other hand:
Once ranks have been established, every other hand is played in accordance with the rules established above.

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