Auctioneer Drinking Game

x8 []

x6 [][]

x4 [][][]

x2 [][][][]

x1 [][][][][]

Distribute the rest of the cards evenly among the 4 players

Pick an "auctioneer" out of the 5 people playing. This position will rotate after each game to keep people from getting too plastered.

The point of the game is for players to bid on screwing their friends. The auctioneer controls this process. When a player is screwed, he drinks for a certain number of seconds. The number of seconds is the number of cards in a stack times the row value (1,2,4,8, or 16).

The game goes like this: The auctioneer flips over the bottom-left card in the pyramid, and calls out that card's value (we have a seven, seven going once, seven going twice...). If a player is holding a card of the same value, he may choose to put his card on top of the card on the table, pick his least favorite friend (Matt), and say "Fuck Matt." The auctioneer then does his thing (Fuck Matt going once...). After the auctioneer reaches "Fuck Matt going three times," he says "Fuck Matt," and Matt has to drink the number of seconds described above (in this case, just one second).
However, if someone else has a seven, he can also play his card before the dealer gets to three, and pick someone (Matt or someone else) to be fucked for more time (there's an extra card on the stack now, so it's two seconds).
The game continues until you reach the top of the pyramid (someone may have to drink for 32 seconds...keep an unopened beer around). Pick a new auctioneer, shuffle the deck, and play again. Just be careful...what goes around comes around.

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