Beer Checkers Drinking Game

This is a favorite at Michigan Tech. You'll need plastic cups and a checker board with spaces the size of the cups. It's easiest to use part of a big cardboard box and cover it in clear contact paper so you won't have to make one again. The game is set up and played just like regular checkers, except that each person has cups filled half way with beer for their pieces. It's easiest if you use disposable cups and mark them with different colors.

If one of your men gets jumped, you slam the half beer in the cup and remove it from the board. If you get "kinged" you fill the cup up the rest of the way. If your king gets jumped, you slam the whole beer. When someone wins, the loser has to finish all the cups left on the board. If you play in teams, just divide the number of slams up, or rotate who finishes the beer.

For the weaker drinker shots of beer may be used instead of half beers. When you get kinged, make it a double shot.lts. College students love beer.

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