Beer Darts Drinking Game

First set up your two chairs outside facing eachother about 15-20 feet away from eachother.

Once you have this, set an unopened can of beer on the ground in front of you. Decide however you want who goes first. Once you've done this the first person throws the dart at the other persons can of beer.

If you hit the unopened beer on your first shot and it sticks then that person will have to shotgun that beer. The score is then 1-0 first to 7 wins. It is then the other persons turn to throw at the other players unopened beer. If that person were to miss the unopened one then the other peron can then open it.

A few other of our rules:
1. If the dart makes a hole in the can in the bottom fourth of the can, then the person drinks it all.
2. Once there is 3 holes in the same can then it has to be finished and a new can has to be put out.
3. Everytime there is a new beer put out it has to be unopened for the first throw.

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