beer die (nw style) Drinking Game

Game Play- This is a team game so pick yourteammate carefully solid teams have the most fun and rivalries are the key to this game. Since it is a team game, you never drink without your teammate. The goal of the game is to score seven points, win by two. Fill up your beer cup, and there are only four drinks per cup. Rules best enforced by ref (less arguements), but if no ref, use courtyard rules, if someone calls it, no matter what its legal, but that leads to arguements, undue loss of respect, or possibly fights. The ref is reccomended, and you should have one around cause this game is a lot better with more than two teams.

Scoring points- The only way to score a point is to throw a die underhand over the string (or high enough without string) hit the table and land on the floor without opposing team catching the dye. the dye is invalid if it goes off the side and no points or drinks given. When tossing keep hands from not passing your edge of the table, that results in loss of turn. The oldest person gets first throw then you alternate diagnally.

Catches- one-handed only! You can't use your body and hand to trap the die, it can bounce off the body, or you can snatch it off of your body, but pull your hand up as soon as possible so you don't get called with trapping. Trapping results in opposing team point.

Sinks- This is tossing the die fairly over and landing in the cup of opposing team. The opposing team must finish their beers and are given 3 minutes to do so. The person who hit the sink gets to sighn the table with any nickname or whatever they feel as long as it is not their own, and subsequent tosses get to add up lines below their names. Sinks are harder than they seem.

Drinking- keep track of teams drinks as there are only four per cup, so when a drink is given, you can take as much as you want, but remember when the fourth comes it is called boats and your teams beers must be finished. this is also given three minutes. things resulting in drinks:

-saying 5 or 7, you must use alternate words, set up whatever you like, but keep standard to lessen confusion, like drib and drab.

-body shot- that is tossing and hitting the cupand landing anywhere but off of the front of the table (that counts for points). However, if the die stays on the table after hitting the cup and results with a five up, the throwing team drinks.

- if you toss the die and it stays on the table it means nothing unless a five is face up. the catching team drinks.

-if the wrong person serves on your team, you just give it to the right one and take a drink.

-cheating is allowed, but it results in a drink if caught.

winning- you win at seven points and have to win by two. a team who wins five in a row must give up the throne and get back in line, but you get champion bragging rights and can make any and all you beat slam a beer. like i said this game takes a lot, but is worth every minute. enjoy trashtalking and cheating.

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