Beer Die Drinking Game

The objective is to score points by
A) Sinking it in your opponent's cup. This is called a "Cup" and is worth 1 point and the person who threw the die gets it back for another turn.
B) Making a legal throw, landing the die on the table, and having it bounce off without the other team being able to catch it on the 1st bounce; this is also worth 1 point.
First to 5 five wins. You have to win by two. Winner stays on the table to face next opponent.

Drink points are scored
A) Anytime a game point is scored by you, they drink.
B) Anytime there is an illegal throw by you, you drink.
C) Anytime the die is thrown and remains on the table by you, you drink.
D) Anytime the die is caught with two hands, or trapped against the body or another object. Allowing the die to roll down your body and into your hand is allowed, but be careful this can be considered trapping unless done correctly.
E) Anytime the die doesn't make it more than halfway across the table, thrower's team drinks.
F) Anytime the die is thrown without hitting the table, throwers team drinks.
G) Anytime a cup is struck by the die, even if it stays on the table, catching team drinks. No points are allotted if the die rolls of the table and is caught.
A team has to drink their entire beer within the five drink points allotted. That's 1/5 of a beer every time you mess up.

The score is called out anytime the score changes and is called out in this fashion.
A) The Game score is called out as, ex. "3 to 4"B) The drink score is called out as, ex. "1 to finish, 3 to finish"An example would be, "What's the score?"Answer: "3 to 4. 1 to finish, 3 to finish" pointing to the respective team when calling out the score. The scoring gets confusing since alcohol is involved, so it helps to have someone who is sober to keep score.

When all five drink points have been scored against a team they have to do what is called a finish/fill, which means that they have to finish whatever is in their cup, and fill it with another beer.
In the event of a "cup", the team who was 'cupped" must automatically finish/fill. They are given 5 minutes to do so. This is a good time to go take a leak.

Some tips:
Giving the die a lot of spin makes it very hard for the other team to catch, as does throwing the die towards the farthest end of the table or the sides.
Agree with your partner who is responsible for what part of the table.
Stick with the same teammate. You get way better and form rivalries.
Add your own rules to suit your group of friends. If someone keeps fucking up make them take a pull of some nasty liquor every time they do it. In my group of friends I had to take a swig of Christian Brothers Brandy every time I hit the rafters in our garage.
Talk a lot of shit. This is the most important part of the game.
You can gamble with beer die too.
Ex. The winner gets the losers left over beers from their case.

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