Beer Poker Drinking Game

Poker Chips
Pack Of Cards

Hand rules are the same as regular Texas holdem Poker.

Now for the drinking each player gets 15 chips. 5 of 3 different colours.

The Indiviual colour represents 1 of the below =
- Down A Pint Of Beer
- Down 1/2 A Pint Of Alco Pop
- Down A Shot

You bet on how much your willing to drink if you lose the hand.

So you raise on how much your willing to drink for example if you show after everyone bets 2 shots and an alco pop thats what the losing players having to drink. All players who fold take a shot for not playing till the show.

The losers drink the amount they raised, hand winner doesn't drink. Last person standing or with the chips wins!

I recomend a bet limit if you want the game to last for a few hours, depending on how drunk you want to get the higher the bet limit.

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