Beer Pot Drinking Game

You need a pitcher of beer and lots of money (dimes, nickels, quarters, or if you are real men paper money). The game is simple. Fill up a pitcher of beer. Agree upon a set amount to pay before the start of the game (for example a quarter). Then everyone takes turn putting a quarter into the pot and drinking beer from the pitcher. You can drink as much or as little as you like. The person who takes the last sip of beer from the pitcher wins all the money in the pot.

This game is part endurance and part strategy. If everyone takes little sips then the pot will grow real fast. If you try to be "the man" and chug the beer early then you may be too wiped out for the later rounds. You need to gauge how much money is in the pot, how much beer is left in the pitcher, and whether or not you think you will get another try at it before someone gulps up the money.

The optional rule is that you can only stop playing once you've lost all your money. This ensures the money in the pot gets bigger and bigger and no one can make a win and walk away with money. The game ends when only one person walks away with all the cash.

In college, trash talking would get prides swollen up and we would start playing with $1. It was easy to walk away with more than $200 in one game. Which you promptly spent buying new clothes to replace the ones you threw up all over the night before.

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