Beirut Drinking Game

This game is similar to BeerPong. Depending on number of players and desired level of intoxication, pick a number of cups for the back row (five is usually good for two on two). After the back row is set up, fill in the rest of the cups in a pyramid shape, with the point near the center of the table. Fill the cups about 1/4 full with beer.

The teams then shoot the ping-pong balls at the cups, and if a team sinks one, the other team drinks that cup. If a team gets an airball (flies off the end of the table without hitting the table or a cup), then the person who threw the ball has to drink one of their own.

Here is where a variation can come into play. One version of the game keeps all of the empty cups on the table until there is one cup left (then they all get cleared except for that one cup). In other versions, when the number of empty cups equals the number of cups in the back row, all of the empty cups are cleared and a new, smaller pyramid is formed.

When it is down to the last cup, there are a few special rules. If a team sinks the last cup, then the other team has a chance to defend themselves. The number of people that threw on the "offensive" team relates to the number of catch-up shots the "defensive' team gets. So, if the one team sinks the last cup on the first try then the other team only gets one shot to catch up. If it is one cup to one cup and the defensive team sinks the catch up shot, then it is like sudden death.

A diamond is made out of the cups (three more are added to each side) and the game proceeds using the same rules as regular play. The team that loses has to drink any beer that is remaining in the cups of the winning team. Usually, the winning team stays on and takes on a challenging team.


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