Bottlerocket Drinking Game

First of all, those who have not seen this movie directed by Wes Anderson, you really need to get to the video store and rent it. The movie is called "Bottlerocket" and is the story of three men on a heist, while running into different obstacles throughout the movie. It's indeed a movie of dry humor, but it's funny as hell. Especially after a few drinks.

The game is very simple. Out of the three main characters in the movie, there is one that seems to get himself into the most trouble. That would be "Dignan". It would only seem fitting that you would take a drink every time his name is mentioned, because by the end of the movie you will definetely be in trouble, just like Dignan.

This game originated during a boring summer night between my best friend Amber and I. We would recommend you see the movie sober first, then you may even find different variations to the game. The ultimate goal is to get completely juiced and on the floor laughing by the end of the movie/game. If this game doesn't seem like it's for you, at least check out the movie. We recommend it highly! Enjoy!lts. College students love beer.

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