Bullshit Pyramid Drinking Game

Make a pyramid with the cards. You can either make the base 5 or 6 cards. After you make the pyramid, you pass out the rest of the cards to the players. Don't show anyone else your cards.

You flip over the 1st card in the bottom row of the pyramid. If you have the card you can tell anyone else to drink for 1 second. The bottom row is one, second row is two, etc... But if they don't think that you have the card they can call "bullshit". If you fail to show them the card then you have to drink double, and if you do have the card that they called bullshit on they have to drink double.

Also if you have more then one of the cards flipped over, multiply the amount the person has to drink by this number. For example if a four is turned over on the first row and you have two fours in your hand, then you could make someone drink two instead of the standard one for the first row. Remember that you can pretend that you have the cards even if you don't to make people drink more.lts. College students love beer.

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