Bullshit Drinking Game

Shuffled cards are placed into 5 or 6 rows in a pyramid fashion with the first row containing one card, 2nd row-two cards and so on.

C <-1 drink

C C <-2 drinks

C C C <-3 drinks

C C C C <-4 " " C C C C C <-5 " "
All remaining cards will be passed out, face down to players so that each one has equal amount. (the last player may get an unequal amount)

The game begins with a designated player turning over one card, beginning at the top of the pyramid. Players are given time to examine thier cards and see if they can match the card turned over.

Any player holding the card that is turned over has the right to give out the number of drinks corresponding to the row being played.
EXAMPLE: if you hold a matching card turned over in row 3, you have a total of 3 drinks to give out. All 3 drinks may be given out to one person, or spread out amongst other players. If a player holds two of the card turned over, then he can give out 6 drinks.

Now comes the fun part: Although you are supposed to be holding a matching card, you can try to deceive the other players by calling them to drink.

The player called to drink now has 2 options: drink or call bullshit if he/she doesn't believe you are holding the card.

once a player calls bullshit, the stakes are doubled, and the player calling that person to drink has to prove he/she has the card(s) or drink double. If he/she does have the card and shows it, then the person who called bullshit must drink double.

Have Fun!

Caution: this game can quickly escalate to drinking a lot, so pace yourself if you can't drink a lot in a short period of time.

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