Catogories Drinking Game

4 is for Whores(girls)
6 is for Dicks(guys)
7 is waterfall, the person starts and you cant stop till the person infront of u does.
8 is song, sing a song first person who doesnt know a verse drinks.
9 is rhyme, say a word thats rhymable(not orange or anything like that).
10 is catogories, example: type of shoes, nike,adidas....
Jack is Jack-Back, person before u drinks
Queen is Questions, have to ask in a question, first to answer drinks
King is social, Everyone drinks
Ace is Rule and Pour, You make a rule(IE cant take you hand off your drink)and also pour some in the middle cup...the last Ace drinks the cup in the middle.

*if your not playing with many girls/guys change 2-6 to give or take
*8 can also be beer-bong

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