Century Club or Power Hour Drinking Game

a century club cd is a mix cd with the first minute of 100 songs on it. unless you have a 100 minute cd, this may require 2 cds or if you don't mind playing the 1st 25 songs over again, 1 cd. i think you can buy these online but they all suck donkey balls, so make your own using sound editing software from download.com or anything you have on your computer. also if you make your own you get to listen to all of your favorite songs.
a shot of beer is taken every minute for 100 minutes. how do you know when to drink? the song changes, duh.
after a while you are going to start burping like a mofo, so you may want to pour all your beer into a pitcher and let it go a little flat.
also, don't break the seal if you can avoid it. once you piss you will be doing it every five minutes or so and you will miss alot of drinks.
don't use malt liquor. better men than you have tried and died, so just swallow your pride and drink light beer like everyone else.
power hour works the same except that it is only sixty shots of beer.
this may seem easy, but it is not. it takes determination, an iron stomach, and the will to get really fucked up in an hour and 40 minutes.
let girls play power hour and the guys play century club. call the girls in around song 40. enjoy

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