Chandeliers Drinking Game Drinking Game

1 Table
1 Towel (for dumping foam and backwash on)
Lots of beer

Setup the cups in a line on the table with the tall glass in the middle. Fill the short glasses with only a little bit of beer (you will be drinking these quickly). Fill the center glass with a full beer.

To make the other person drink as much as possible by bouncing the quarter off the table and into the cup. The person who sinks the quarter into the big cup wins.

If you make it into the big cup BEFORE you have drank all the little cups, YOU LOSE and must drink ALL the remaining beer on the table.

How it is played:
Team member(s) stand on opposite sides of the table and begin shooting at the same time. Once a quarter is sunk into a little cup, the person who did not sink the quarter must give his quarter to the other team and drink the beer. As soon as the drinker touches the cup, the other team may resume shooting (so drink fast). Once the drinker finishes his beer, he may resume shooting as well. If the two teams sink the quarters at the same time, then both teams drink. Continue shooting until all glasses are gone (be sure to sink the tall glass last).

Repeat process as many times as needed.

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