Cheeky, Cheeky Drinking Game

Cheeky, Cheeky is a hillarious game that is good to play with hot chicks that lack common knowledge, but ugly chicks will suffice. I hope you're fortunate enough to know some. This is best played at an outdoor party, preferably during the daytime.

- Gather a circle of friends to "play a drinking game".

- Every game must have "an agent" I guess you could call it. The agent is secret and is known by starting the game.

- Make sure your victim is to the right of the agent.

- The agent starts by simultaneously saying a part on the face and touching that part on the player to his/her right. For example: cheeky, cheeky or nosey, nosey and touches their cheek or nose with his/her fingers.

- The next person must continue by saying the agents part and adding one (also touching the face of the person to his/her right.

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