Chutes & Ladders 2 Drinking Game

My college buddies and I picked up Chutes and Ladders at Goodwill one day for a buck. This game has given us endless hours of fun. It's similar to Chutes and Ladders 1, but a few extra rules to increase the buzz factor.

On yellow, you take a drink. Depending on the row your player is on, this could be between one and ten drinks. On white, you give a drink. Again, between one and ten.

On chutes, you take a drink for every space you slide down. Ladders, you give a drink for every space you ascend.

Whoever reaches 100 first gives 10 drinks to all other players. Trust me, one round of this, you won't need another game.

Oh yeah, cheating is acceptable, but if you get caught, the other players determine your punishment.

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