Circle of Death Drinking Game

-put the ashtray in the middle
(Hence the "circle")
-surround that with the deck of cards
-one person starts and go clockwise
each card stands for something.
whatever you draw is what you do.

A-solitaire: drink (1x) by yourself

2-date: you drink (1x) and pick someone else to drink with you

3-social: everyone drinks (1x)

4-whores: girls drink (1x)

5-never ever: n
ever ever have I. . .
say something that YOU have NOT done that you think your BUDDIES HAVE done

6-dicks: guys drink (1x)

7-point to heaven:
everyone points up to the ceiling; the last one to point up has to drink

everyone stands in a circle. Everyone starts drinking. The person who draws the 8 must be the first one to stop drinking. Then each person to their left stops drinking one by one.

9-busta rhyme:
go in a circle as above; person who draws card starts; say short sentence; person to left must rhyme with their own sentence(I see a hat; This is a bat; He likes that); the first person to mess up or pause drinks (1x)

10-go again

person who draws J picks a category; go clockwise; first to mess up drinks (1x)
EX: MAKEUP-Clinique; CoverGirl; Revlon; L'oreal

ask anybody a question and then they ask anybody a question; goes on until someone messes up and answers or pauses; drink 1x

K-Rule: Person who draws makes a rule; lasts until next king is drawn

And that's it. Usually about 3/4 through the game everyone is drunk enough that they are too loud to play and the game HAS to end.

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