Circle Of Drunkeness! Drinking Game

2 - Take 2 drinks (decent sized ones).
3 - Give 3 drinks, you can give these to anyone, or you can split them up (1 to one person, and 2 to another, etc...).
4 - Take 4 drinks.
5 - Girls take a drink.
6 - Guys take a drink.
7 - Social, everyone drinks!
8 - Make a rule. A good idea for a rule is no swearing...harder then it sounds. Rule breaker must take a drink. Anyone can enforce the rule.
9 - Rhyme Time! Pick a word, go around the circle and the next player must rhyme with the word. No fair using purple, orange, or other non-rhyming words. First person to screw up, pause, or say a word that has been said drinks.
10 - Categories. Pick a category (Beer brands, Mixed drinks, TV shows, etc...) and go around the circle naming something from the category, first person to screw up, or say something that has been said drinks.
J - Thumb Master! The person who draws the card is the Thumb Master. Whenever he or she puts their thumb on the table (do it discreetly) everyone else must follow, the last person to put their thumb down drinks. You remain the Thumb Master until the next Jack is drawn.
Q - Questions! Ask anyone in playing a question, and they must respond with a question, either to you, or another player. Continue in this fashion until someone screws up, then, they drink
K - Death Card. First person to draw pours a decent sized amount (a shot or two) of whatever they're drinking into the cup. The second and third players to draw a King do the same. The fourth player to draw the King must also pour in a drink, and then he or she must drink the entire cup. This sucks a lot when there is an assortment of alcohol (Beer, Vodka drinks, Rum, etc...).
A - Waterfall! The person who draws the card is at the top of the waterfall and picks the direction. Then, they begin drinking, when they stop the person directly next to them (if they picked right, the first person to the right) can stop drinking whenever he or she pleases. This continues in this fashion until the last person has stopped. So, be nice to your neighbor, because they can put you at the bottom of the waterfall, and with many people, that sucks.
Joker - You pick a person, tell then when to stop drinking. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

Other - This game can also be expanded to play with more people, just add another deck of cards. But, be weary of that 8th King!

If it's all guys, or all girls playing, then divide into teams to drink on the 5 or the 6.

Be creative with the rules you make when you draw an 8, it makes the game more fun.

Here is a picture of what the game looks like mid-game.

Have fun, and drink lots!!!

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