Confusion Drinking Game

Start off by picking someone to roll the dice. The first person rolls. If they roll a:

1. Pass the dice to the next person(clockwise)
2. The person to the left drinks(once)
3. The person to the right drinks(once)
4. The last person to slap their chest
and then slap their hand down on the
table drinks(once)
5. Pick someone to drink(once)
6. Everybody drinks(once)

You continue to roll until you roll a 1.

If you roll the same thing twice(doubles) you get to make a rule, any rule. The rule can't be taken away unless someone else rolls doubles and takes it away. If they take away the rule they don't get to make another.

Also, the only person that can touch the dice is the person rolling, unless it falls off the table or you use something to push it(beer can). This is called a dice violation and you have to drink once for it.

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