connections Drinking Game

whoever dealt the cards is designated as the counter. you must have one counter only or the game will get out of hand and its no good. the dealer hands out all the cards and everyone keeps their cards face down with out looking at them. the dealer starts.

ace-14 sec, king-13 sec etc... the name of the game is to connect in suit or number with the person directly to your left or right.


sally dealer, john, chris, beca, heather, brian are playing.

sally flips the 8 of hearts then
john flips the 8 of clubs
they connect in number so they drink whats on the card. next
chris flips the queen of clubs
chris connects with john in suit and sally connects with john in number so they drink whats on the card.
anytime someone flips its a reconnection. you drink whats on the card in front of you so if you got an ace you drink on the ace until you get to flip again. YOU ONLY CONNECT TO THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU.
no real strategy it just fucks you up!

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