Deathwish Drinking Game

The rules to this game are similar to suicide 666. You will need a large glass, up to three shot glasses and a quarter for each, a bottlecap, and dice...not to mention cards. Everyone gets a beer and a full beer, preferably in a large cup, is placed in the middle of the table.

The cards are shuffled and one person deals a card to the first player. The player plays according to which card he/she is dealt. The rules for the cards are as follows:

- evens - drink that many
- odds - hand out that many
- 7 - person makes a rule and a consequence
- 10 - person takes 5, and everyone at the table gets one try to bounce a quarter in a shot glass. For every person that makes it the person takes 5 more sips.
- Jack - a variation of battleship, a bottlecap is placed in the cup and each person in turn pours a little of their beer in the bottlecap. The person who sinks it...drinks it.
- Queen - a variation of Mex. The person dealt gets three tries to throw the dice. They take their last throw, not the highest. 1&2 is the highest roll, followed by double six, double five, etc. If the dice aren't double then add up the dice, lowest roll drinks the beer. Ties resolved by roll-off.
- King - speed quarters. The person dealt gets a shot glass and a quarter. The other two go to the two people to their left. The first person gets one free shot and then everyone else joins in. After someone makes the quarter in the glass it is passed to the next person. When all three glasses pile up in front of one person they lose and drink the middle beer.

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