Dirty Hearts Drinking Game

This game is best if played by a smaller group of people... 4 to 6 is good. Everyone grabs a beverage of choice, and sits in a circle. Place a deck of cards in the center of the circle, and go around the circle, everyone flipping over one card at a time.

If a person flips over a heart (2 thru 10) everyone else asks that person a question (be creative and nosy!!!!) and then the person gets to choose one question to answer. If the person answering the question does not choose your question to answer, you must drink.

If a person flips over a heart face card (jack, queen, king, ace), everyone else gets to ask a question AND give them a dare. The person must pick TWO questions to answer AND perform one of the dares. Again, if your question/dare is not chosen, you must drink. Whenever you flip over a heart card you must drink also.

This is a great way to get to know deep, dark secrets. Also a great game for 2 or 3 couples to play together, depending on how juicy the questions/dares are!!!

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