Drink & Blow Drinking Game

This is a great gmae to start off any big party. First have at least three teams of 5 people. Alternate the people, girl..boy...girl...etc. Each team gets a large balloon, and a three liter bottle of your choice beer. When someone gives the signal, begin.

Each team starts to drink. Each person drinks as much as they can and passes the bottle back. As soon as the last person kills the bottle, the balloon is next. Same concept, just backwards. Each person blows as much as they can, passing it back. The first team that pops the balloon, wins!

After a few rounds you'll have people fainting all over, either drunk or loss of breath! Have fun and drink away!!

NOTE: You can not pass the beer or the balloon back to the front. The last person must be the one to finish. So if you're the last person and have some light wieghts in your team, you're a drunk puppy.

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