Drinking Draughts Drinking Game

A classic game based on the board game of drafts. Ideally the playing pieces should be replaced with shot glasses. If you do not have enough shot glasses you can use the normal pieces and just each have a shot glass constantly filled on the side.

Fill the shot glasses with your drinks, ideally one of the players should use a clear drink and the other a dark drink - if not one person can add food colouring or maybe Creme de Cassis to his drinks."
Drinking Scrabble
This game is played with the board game Scrabble. Here are the rules:

Same regular rules apply. The person with the most letters goes first. For each word that a player forms they give out the point value of the word in drinks. This amount can be split up among the other players.

At the end of the game those people who have letters remaining take the total point values and drink them up.lts. College students love beer.
Drinking Sorry "A 1 or a 2 that gets you out of home, requires you to take a drink.

3s are social.

4 you hand out four (since you went backwards), to one team.

7 hand out seven to one or two teams (split the drinks like you split your move)

10 drink one if you go forwards handout one if you go backwards.

11 drink one if you move 11, handout one if you switch.

Sorry whoever is "Sorried" owes 5. We call it "old school sorry" if you play that a Sorry counts as 1 beer. It makes it hard to finish the game though.

Also, anytime you "smash" an opposing players piece that counts as a "sorry".

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