Drinking Poker Drinking Game

Texas Holdem poker poker is the most common form of poker to play, as this type of poker is played on televised poker tournaments or poker online. In drinking poker instead of playing for money you play for drinks. If players decide to bet then they are in that hand, they bet with an amount of their drinks and if they lose then they drink what they bet.

A brief explanation of Texas Holdem poker rules - the two players to the left of the dealer put out the blind bets – this helps get the betting or drinking going! These are compulsory bets or amounts of drink and the amounts are agreed before the game. The player on the immediate left of the dealer is the “small blind”, the next player is the “big blind” and bets double the small blind.

Each player gets dealt two cards face down. The player on the left of the blinds starts the betting, they can either call the bet, raise the bet or fold. Once the betting is completed then the dealer lays three cards face up on the table – this is known as the “flop”.

Further betting takes place. Then a fourth card is laid down, face up, this is known in poker as “fourth street” or the “turn” card. More betting, and then a fifth card is dealt, this is called “fifth street” or the “river” card.

The upturned cards on the table are community cards everyone can use them to make the best five card hand. If you want to know the hand ranking or different forms of poker rules, the best place is to look at an internet poker site.

Final betting takes place, then the player with the best five card hand wins and the rest drink what they bet! Once everyone is sufficiently drunk you can progress to strip poker.

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