Drunken Dice Drinking Game

Put a pitcher of beer in the middle of the table and then each person rolls the dice in turn. The rules for each dice combination are as follows:

- Roll doubles - you get to give that many drinks out to a person of your choosing
- Roll snake eyes - Make a rule for the game
- Roll 3 - Waterfalls a.k.a. chain chugs
- Roll 4 - Person to right of roller drinks
- Roll 5 - Person to left of roller drinks
- Roll 6 - Designate someone to chug a beer (shotgun style)
- Roll 7 - Social (Everyone drinks)
- Roll 8 - Thumb Master: you can put your thumb on the table whenever you want, last person to follow must drink. Next person toroll his is new Thumb Master.
- Roll 9 - Reroll # equals seconds you must drink

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