Drunken Drag Racing Drinking Game

This is a very simple game which can get you drunk very fast. The main ingredient is need for speed underground. Once you finish the gmae and get a couple good cars. Go to 2-player Drag mode and race with your friends.
Basically, every time you win, you take a shot of beer. This acts as a handicap because eventually you get woozy and you won't be able to race as fast. Its simple, and it might not sound like much, but oyu have to remember, each drag race is only 30 seconds start to finish, so it adds up.
Alternatley, you could have loser takes a shot.
Or you could do a 10 lap circuit race, winner (or loser, depends on what you want) chugs a botttle.

Alcohol is a great way to spice up Need for Speed.

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