F*ck You Drinking Game

Lay out a pyramid of cards. first row has 5 cards, second has 4, etc, the top row has 1 card. Then you deal out the rest of the cards evenly.
The 1st row, is worth 1 x the number of cards layed
2nd row - 2 x number of cards layed
3rd row - 4 x number of cards layed
4th row - 6 x number of cards layed
5th row - 8 x number of cards layed.
The object of the game is to F*CK someone over.
The dealer flips the first card in the pyramid over. lets say its a 5. now if you have a 5, you can lay it and tell someone to f*ck themselves (meaning they are the person who will have to drink) and if no one has another card to throw then that person would have to drink. but if someone else has a 5, they can tell someone else to f*ck themselves. then someone else could have the last card and they can f*ck whoever they want. And the only person that drinks is the person who got f*cked last. After the person is done drinking then you go onto the next card. And the dealer counts to 3 after the card is flipped or layed. if a player doesnt get to lay the card down in time, the player must hold on that card.
Then after the pyramid is done then you count your cards and you drink 3 times that amount.
hope you enjoy fu*king each other

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