flip cup or cups Drinking Game

each cup is filled about a quarter of the way full. the first ridge of a red keg cup is a pretty good place to fill to.
a starter is chosen from each team, this is usually the person at the far end of the table. the two starters cheers and then pound their beer. once you pound your beer you put the cup right-side-up on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it half way around so that it lands up-side-down. anything more than a half flip just gets too hard to land, so keep it simple. once the cup has successfully landed up-side-down the next person on your team pounds their beer and tries to flip it. this happens till all players on a team have successfully flipped their cups. the losers have to fill the winners' beers for the next round. this game is fast paced so keep a pitcher full. you may think that you are getting better as the night rolls on, but it is probably just the excess beer on the table helping the cup stick, use this to your advantage. This game is great for tournaments like the annual tourney at Santa Clara. get everyone involved. cheer your team on. talk alot of shit. get angry.

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