Fox and the Hounds Drinking Game

This is a modified version of a Hash House Harrier Run for inclusion of people under 21. Begin with bags filled with your favorite beverage above 8% alcohol. Strap them on and get some running shoes on. This is a chase.

One person is the "fox", while the others are the hounds. The fox is supplied with a sports bottle filled with flour or big pieces of sidewalk chalk, and a stopwatch/running watch. (It is generally a good idea to have a fast runner be the fox). The hounds are supplied with their bags and whistles. The fox is released two minutes before the pack is. He has precisely that amount of time to run his ass off, marking his trail with chalk marks or flour marks every 100 paces and find a hiding place (preferably some park or something).

The watch will run for five minutes after the pack is released before the fox must be at a central location. He will stop for precisely ten minutes for the pack to catch up to him before continuing on. All hounds can be ordered about by the fox within legal limits during this period of time. The fox can order the hounds to form a pyramid, drink from their bags, strip and run around the park, and other insane things. This process repeats for precisely one hour, when everyone runs back to the starting place and gets completely snockered.

If the fox is caught by a hound, the fox loses his foxhood and the hound catching him gets to be the new fox. Good foxes carry small fanny packs full of embarassing equipment with them, like female condoms, rubber surgical gloves, packs of Astroglide, and other quality stuff.

Foxes, however, must leave a trail behind for the pack to follow. The fox can leave confusing marks, or even really strange ones (we've done this through a shopping mall and a university campus, across a river, over playground equipment and even through outdoor concerts) but the marks must usually point in the direction the fox is headed. Keep in mind that these runs usually last for about four miles - and you're drinking the entire way.

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