FUBAR'ed Drinking Game

The game will start a little slow but gets going quick.
You start with one empty beer can (take the tab off) on a wall. The players stand about 8-10 feet away (you can change this to your liking). The players take turns throwing their quarter underhanded at the beer can. The goal is to get the quarter in the can (this is called a FUBAR), knock the can over, and to have your quarter be closest to the can at the end of everyone's throws for the round.

The drinking:
(as soon as someone in the game finishes their beer can, the tab is removed, and it is added to the cans you are throwing at, making a pyramid that grows throughout the game...I would recommend setting the cans up against a wall)
If someone gets their quarter in the can everyone else in the game must chug their beer.

If you knock a can over, everyone else in the game must drink for one second for each can the other player knocked over.

The player's whose quarter ends up closest to a can at the end of each round gets to assign everyone else a certain amount of drinks. This amount is equal to the amount of cans currently in the game. The person whose quarter is furthest away must set up the cans for the next round. The closeness of you quarter to the cans also determines when you get to throw in the next round (closest goes first and furthest goes last)

After a few rounds, the pyramid of empty beer cans grows and the amount you have to drink does too because a lot more cans get knocked over. This game will get you fucked up quick, and is still competitive, and fun. Enjoy

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