Fuck The Dealer Drinking Game

You should play this game with at least 3 people. First, you select someone to be the dealer. After the cards are shuffled the dealer shows everone the bottom card.

Going clockwise someone starts by guessing what the card will be. If they are not correct the dealer tells them if it is higher or lower than the card they guessed on the first try. Then after there 2nd try the dealer lays that card out on the floor for everyone to see. Then it is the next person turn.

If the person guessing gets it correct on the 1st try the dealer has to drink 10 drinks, if they guess it on the second try the dealer has to drink 5. If the person doesn't guess it on either tries they have to drink the difference of the card on the second try.

After the dealer makes 3 people drink in a row they can pass the deck to another person of their choice.

Optional: If someone guesses one off from the card it is they can pass their drink to someone else.

This game is called fuck the dealer because towards the end of the game when there is few cards left whoever is the dealer is going to be fucked because everyone will be able to guess which card it is going to be and the dealer will have to drink 10 every time. Keep in mind that we all know what the bottom card is too!

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