Fuck your Buddy Drinking Game

Everyone sits in a circle, and one person is the dealer. The dealer asks the first person in the cirle to pick a suit, and then deals out the cards in the circle until someone gets a card of that suit. Whoever gets the card of that suit must drink for the amount on the card (a 2 is 2 seconds and an ace is 14) Everyone else at the table must count the amount of seconds that person must drink. So, for example, if an 8 is drawn of the current suit, that person has 8 seconds to drink. The person to their left starts counting with one, then the next person says 2, the next 3, and so on until the 8 seconds is done. The trick is, you can count as fast or as slow as you want, but if the person drinking can finish their beer and slam it on the table before the count is over, the person who the count was on now takes over the entire count of drinking (they would now have 8 seconds to drink). Also, if someone messes up counting or goes out of turn they must take over the entire count of drinking. After the drinking is done, the person drinking must choose the next suit that will be the drinking suit for the next round. They must choose this suit before setting their beer on the table, or they have to do the entire count drinking again.

A slight variation is having whoever is drinking choose a buddy to drink with them. That way you can choose someone with a little beer left and make someone else take over the count.

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