Fuck your neighbor Drinking Game

deal remaining cards out to players.
the 1st card of the 1st row is flipped and a countdown begins. 3,2,1.
if the countdown is finished and no one has put down a card matching the card that has been flipped then the next card over is flipped.
When placing a card on top of another card you call out the name of one of the people playing.
the countdown begins again. 3,2,1.
should another player deam the person who's name was called worthy of a save, they may place the a card from their hand that matches the number of the card that was originally turned over and call another person's name, and the countdown begins again.
the last person who's name was called has to drink the number of cards in the pile times the position laterally times the number of row that the cards are in.
so, if there are two cards placed on top of the original card, in the second position of the second row, the last person who's name was called has to drink 2X2X2=8 drinks.
you don't have to place a card if you don't want to, but it is recommended since you don't know what other cards are in the matrix.
the game is over when all cards in the matrix have been flipped. anyone with cards remaining in their hand has to drink the face value of those cards.
The game isn't called fuck your neighbor for nothing. this game forms great rivalries.
and if you sit alternating by sex, you can also literally fuck your neighbor at the end of the night. everyone is happy, and the plan B morning after pill is only like $45.

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