Goldfish Drinking Game

This is a variation on Go Fish. Everyone is dealt 7 cards. The object of the game is to be the Ursula, which is sort of like the president for asshole.

The person who goes first asks another player for a card (example - black nine, red ace, etc). If the person being asked has the card, they must give it up, and take the number of drinks on the card. The person who recieves the card can delegate that amount of drinks to another player; Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, etc.

If the person being asked does not have the card, the person who asked them for it must take a drink and draw a card. If the card matches what they asked for, they delegate twice the number of drinks on the card.

Bluffing: You can bluff as many times as you want. A bluff would be asking for a card when you do not have the other card to make a pair. However, if another person has the pair in hand, they can call the bluff, and make the person who asked for the card take the number of drinks on the face of the card. This makes it really bad when it's the ace - 14 drinks.

Ursula: When a person gets both jokers they are called the Ursula, queen (king) of the sea. There is normally a tiara or some sort of crown within reach in the dorm room for him/her to wear to make the appointment of Queen/King more convincing. The ursula is like the president of asshole. They can make any rules they want, drinking or otherwise - she may tell anyone to drink, or, for example, jump around in a circle 7 times or any other dare. This becomes rather funny, because usually by the time the Ursula comes up, everyone is drunk.

The game runs out when the Ursula says it does, or everyone runs out of cards. If a person runs out of their cards before anyone else, they pick one up from the deck. They cannot be delegated any drinks from a person who has a pair, only from the Ursula.

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